Pink responded to the comments to the photo two year old son without a diaper

Пинк ответила на комментарии к фото двухлетнего сына без подгузника

Without a doubt, Pink is a good mother, but there are always those who will find something scandalous even in simple photos family vacation. 39-year-old singer published in instagram photo, which depicted her, her two year old son Jameson, moon and seven-year-old daughter willow. The family feeds the Pelican pool. Followers of the singer were considered indecent photos, little Jameson on it without a diaper! Pink responded to the haters.

Пинк ответила на комментарии к фото двухлетнего сына без подгузника

With the negative face all the stars and everyone has different methods of dealing with it. Pink has decided that the best option would be the prohibition of commenting under her posts and the removal of “indecent” photos. Star does not see anything obscene. “Some of you something is seriously wrong. Discussing penis my child? Talking about circumcision? Are you serious? As any normal mother on the beach, I didn’t even notice as he took off the diaper for swimming. I removed the photo because you all disgust me. And now I will disable comments in their posts, saying no to the negativity that you bring into the lives of others”.

With the attacks of the subscribers Pink faces for the first time. Previously, the star has exhibited a picture with her son, where they eat together. Pink left in the photo this comment: “at least two times a week we close the door to the outside world and come together for a family dinner”. In the comments to one of the subscribers replied, “Well, Yes, and post it in instagram”. With such commentators, the singer does not stand on ceremony: “Yes, I love to promote healthy eating and to remind some that it is impossible to be so ugly!”.

We will remind that not so long ago Pink, whose real name Alicia Moore, has received his star on the walk of fame in Hollywood! To support the star in such a touching and important moment came a faithful husband, 43-year-old Carey HART and two children.

In addition to the family, to support the Pink came the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres, which is cute hugged his friend and smiled at the camera. Moment. of course, it was exciting. “It’s just unreal!” says the star of the crowd that came to watch and support the star on the walk of fame. “I recorded my first album 23 years ago,” says singer and recalls the difficult path. Star faced drug addiction and in the beginning he made an important life decision — to leave the band and start singing solo.

“I got what I wanted! And all because I knew their strengths. I don’t sell sex, perfumes, not the prettiest and not the best. I look rough but have enough talent to work on your case. I’m not giving up!” the singer says in his speech.

“I think I’m sleeping. And if someone’s gonna pinch me, I’ll hit on the left eyebrow”.

“Many probably thought that I will get to the walk of shame, but here I am. Today I celebrate the lessons taught by my father, to be yourself. Thank you to my husband. He is my Muse. I wouldn’t be standing here if not for you. So don’t change. Thanks to my children, willow and Jameson. You are my star. Without you I wouldn’t Shine,” continues the star.

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