Пинк получила звезду на Аллее славы в Голливуде

Well, finally! Singer Pink, whose real name Alicia Moore, has received his star on the walk of fame in Hollywood! To support the star in such a touching and important moment came a faithful husband, 43-year-old Carey HART and has two children — seven-year-old daughter willow and two year old son Jameson.

In addition to the family, to support the Pink came the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres, which is cute hugged his friend and smiled at the camera. Moment. of course, it was exciting. “It’s just unreal!” says the star of the crowd that came to watch and support the star on the walk of fame. “I recorded my first album 23 years ago,” says singer and recalls the difficult path. Star faced drug addiction and in the beginning he made an important life decision — to leave the band and start singing solo.

“I got what I wanted! And all because I knew their strengths. I don’t sell sex, perfumes, not the prettiest and not the best. I look rough but have enough talent to work on your case. I’m not giving up!” the singer says in his speech.

“I think I’m sleeping. And if someone’s gonna pinch me, I’ll hit on the left eyebrow”.

“Many probably thought that I will get to the walk of shame, but here I am. Today I celebrate the lessons taught by my father, to be yourself. Thank you to my husband. He is my Muse. I wouldn’t be standing here if not for you. So don’t change. Thanks to my children, willow and Jameson. You are my star. Without you I wouldn’t Shine,” continues the star.

It also said Ellen, in his beloved comedic manner. “When I was told that I will be speaking about Pink, I was delighted, because it’s my favorite color!” — joked the star. Leading gifted singer various “compliments” and thanked Pink for the fact that she is her friend.

So how does the star manage to balance between a successful career and family? Alicia told the foreign edition of the People about how to find a balance between family and work. The singer starred in an exclusive clip for the publication titled “What About Us”, where he revealed all the secrets.

“I put all of myself and all that I have in everything I do,” says the singer in a little sneak peek of the short documentary On the Record: P!nk — Beautiful Trauma, which will be available to fans on October 13 at Apple music. “The hardest part is to decide everything. I signed up for this even as a 16-year-old, and now I have children and marriage.”

“I just want to know what you are doing it right. This is no longer a simple puzzle game — now it’s not just me,” admits Pink.

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