Pink nightmare: the stylist screwed up the outfit Beyonce

Розовый кошмар: стилист напортачил с нарядом Бейонсе

One of the most stylish women of modern show business seems to have become a victim of fashion failure, which, as we know, happen to it is extremely rare.

Beyonce never gave her fans and fashion critics to doubt his taste. On the red carpet, at a business meeting or over dinner with her husband – the singer always looks beyond praise. If it happens fashion embarrassments, they were quite excusable. But then came the day when Beyonce has shattered its credibility as a fashion icon. Representatives of the media are sure: the pop star stands to say goodbye to the stylist and hire a new one.

The fact that the 35-year-old actress was spotted on the streets of new York in a very, to put it mildly, non-trivial outfit. This day it was pig-pink total look by Gucci, which included black leather jackets with spikes, a sweater with a print of a butterfly and striped skirt-pleated with lurex. All this “splendor” was crowned with a branded clutch and a hat. The only normal thing about the entire set was red velvet shoes that were completely inappropriate.

With wearing head to toe Gucci, and even pink, Beyonce almost committed fashion suicide. Why were the stylist of the stars, how the hell could she allow such a thing to wear?

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Whether you want Beyonce to fire her stylist?

  • Yes! Bianca deserves the best!
  • The outfit, of course, so-so, but to dismiss this person is clearly not worth it.
  • Don’t see the problem. It will be all fine, but the stylist well done!