Pink is proud of its excess weight

Пинк гордится своим лишним весом
The singer is in no hurry to return to its previous form.

Пинк гордится своим лишним весом



Unlike most young mothers who labored in show business, Pink
not at all “complex” about the excess weight that was gained during
your second pregnancy. On the contrary, she seems to be proud of. In any
case, her last message on the social network reads: “During the six weeks that passed from the day of birth of my
child, I have not lost one bit. So I’m a normal woman. I’m good!!!”

26 Dec Pink gave birth to a son, to whom she and her husband, Carey HART was given the name
Jameson moon About the birth of her baby became known only two
days later, when the singer posted on Twitter the first photo of the boy.
According to the singer, she and her husband, daughter willow
so glad replenishment.

However in practice all has appeared not so simply. Pink all 9 months
pregnancy prepared his daughter who will soon turn 6 years to do that
it will no longer be an only child. And while my mom was expecting a baby, the girl seems to be enthusiastic
waited for, practicing on dolls to change diapers. But when Jameson
born, willow started desperately jealous.

As recognized by Pink during the show Ellen DeGeneres, willow constantly
crying and fussy. If Pink when she enters the room, holding the son in her arms, she had immediately
put the baby in the crib. However, the singer does not lose hope that everything will get better. “Currently we are working on
this!” assured singer.

Carey HART with son Jameson moon