Pink is pregnant again!

Пинк снова беременна!
The singer managed to overcome a family crisis.

Pink with daughter

Photo: @pink Pink Instagram

Fans of Pink surprised and excited with the unexpected
news: she is expecting her second child! Recently, the singer posted on his
microblog a picture in which she captures herself with her five-year-old daughter willow. And looking at this picture just
it is impossible not to notice the already quite respectable size, the belly is Pink, which is not
hide even her dress casual.

The singer signed my photo is brief, but expressive: “Surprise!”
In fact, Pink second pregnancy was a complete surprise for fans
of her work. After less than a year since, as it quite definitely
spoke about the possibility of expanding his family. The singer hinted
that she is no strength nor the time, because she has not coddle
only my daughter but also my husband. “Of course,
my husband, Carey HART is a good husband and father, but to be honest, he is like a child! So I already feel
as if I have two children…” — said Pink.

New pregnancy of the singer surprised everyone because
that last year there were rumors about serious problems in its relations with
HART, a wedding which Pink played in 2006-m to year. Gossips claimed that
Cary was constantly unhappy that his wife is spending so much time
his career. Pink and reproached him that he helps her a little… besides, the wife
put up for sale your family home in Malibu, which many thought
suspicious. And finally, the last six months, the couple completely stopped
to appear in public together. However, Pink and myself a few months ago
completely disappeared from all “radar”.

And now it turns out that during this time the singer has time to go through
already, at least two of the first trimester of pregnancy and will soon be happy
wife second daughter or son! Pink half in jest said, she
hopes that the child will be her most
a devoted fan. Because the older willow relates to the work of his mother very skeptical.
“Mom, please stop singing! You just have a horrible voice!” — said the girl,
when she was only two years. And this despite the fact that willow is very musical:
approval of Pink, her daughter just to hear any song to
play it without mistakes…