Pink hinted that it may leave her husband

Пинк намекнула, что может уйти от мужа
The singer admitted that sometimes wants to stab the wife with a fork.

Pink with husband and daughter


In a recent interview, Pink
revealed unexpected details about his family life. The singer said: it is not
exclude that can leave her husband, a former motorcycle racer Carey HART.

The statement Pink was all
a complete surprise, it seemed that singer, who has daughter willow, and son jameson, whom she gave birth in December last year, quite happy in his family life. Pink hastened to clarify:
“Right now we’re on the mend. But I like to say: “Never
say “never!” We are together for a long time and do not build grandiose plans for the
future, and just live day by day…” And recalled that all during the time that
they are together, the singer has separated from her husband twice, and not for a couple months, and
every year.

“You know, I try not to lose
sense of humor and laugh as much as possible. But sometimes I look at him and think:
“And to think I found it…” Sometimes it
helps me and says the nicest things. But the next day I can
to experience a strong desire to stab him with a fork!” — said Pink.

In General, as admitted
38-year-old singer, she thinks in spite of that, her marriage is worth to him
to fight. “We’ve been together for almost 17 years, and all these years our relationship demanded
constant work on them. But these years were so beautiful that it is worth to spend
for maintenance of our marriage so much energy!” — says the singer.