Пинк решила расстаться с мужем
The singer and her husband selling their family home.

Пинк решила расстаться с мужем


Photo: Splash News/East news

Pink family

Photo: Splash News/East news

Fans Of Pink
upset by the news about their idol. According to reporters
publication “Star”, family
singer is going through a serious crisis. Moreover, the 36-year-old Pink and her husband Carey HART already
decided to spend some time separately.

that in the relations of the spouses played a wedding in 2006, not all
okay, go for a long time. According to the reporters of the newspaper, all the problems
began after the birth of their total daughter willow in 2011. As soon as the girl
a little older, hungry for work, the Pink, the beginning of the day and night
to disappear in his recording Studio. The first time Carey treated the enthusiasm
wife with understanding, but then he began to resent. HART barely seen wife, to
and is what he had to babysit. And then they went wrong
love life.

was also dissatisfied with their marriage. She complained once, which is unlikely even in the future to have
the second child, because according to the star, her husband — himself,
like a big kid, trouble with him not
end. True, what she meant, the singer refused to explain.

confirmation that the pair may have indeed decided to divorce, have become
the fact that recently they decided to put up for sale his house in Malibu — family nest, where the Pink, her husband and willow loved to spend the summer. Now
the house will soon go into the wrong hands. Spouses in such a hurry to get rid of his
real estate that decided to make customers a substantial discount — in 1million
dollars. Now “only” $ 13 million you can buy a mansion
with six bedrooms and six bathrooms, a swimming pool and a separate house,
located on the beach.

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