Пинк стала мамой во второй раз!
The singer shared the first photo of their newborn child.

Пинк стала мамой во второй раз!

Pink with a newborn son

Photo: @pink Pink Instagram

that Pink gave birth to their second child, it became known only two
days after birth, when the singer posted on his microblog two
photos. On one of them she’s holding a cute baby, and
the other is her husband, Carey HART. Under the first the Pink was signed the name of his
newborn son: Jameson moon HART. And under a second — “I love you, daddy
our baby!” No additional parts, like the height and weight of boy
it is not yet announced. But, looking at these photos, it’s safe to say
as the mother and child in order.

Pink’s husband, Carey HART with his son

Photo: @pink Pink Instagram

37-year-old Pink has been long enough to conceal her second pregnancy. No one else even had a clue that the singer is expecting a baby right up to November 2016, because it is a few months did not appear in public. That it is in “interesting position”, the singer said, posting in his microblog your photos with already solid the size of the stomach.

Then Pink husband confessed: he and his wife dream about her son. “My husband is already in the house of a Princess, and now we would like to expand our family boy. After all, we don’t want our daughter appeared “competitor”! To be honest, I’m a little nervous, trying to imagine what can come of it. However, I almost all the time because something worried — from the moment in our house had the first child. But with two we will have, apparently, even more fun!” he said.

Daughter of Pink and Carey, willow, who is now 5 years, was expecting the birth of another family member with no less impatience than her parents. But, unlike mom and dad, she dreamed about the sister. However, willow was delighted and her brother. And now all the time asking the parents when he will be able to play with it?