Pink asked not to compare her with Lady Gaga

Пинк попросила не сравнивать её с Леди Гагой

Speech Lady Gaga at the super bowl was magical. Especially the audience liked the flight of the singer on the dumbfounded with delight. However, there is nothing new under the sun and many of the Network began to compare Lady Gaga with her colleague Pink, which “flew away” all of his previous tour, performing such somersaults in the air that she would be jealous of the gymnasts of Cirque du Soleil. Nevertheless, Pink has made a statement on his page in which he asked not to compare her with a colleague.

Пинк попросила не сравнивать её с Леди Гагой
“Let’s stop this squash before things go too far. Lady Gaga yesterday was in shock. Her voice was strong and beautiful, her outfits were great, the choreography is worthy of attention, she gave all her heart, she sang about love and openness in front of millions of people. Let’s congratulate the woman who had the courage to jump off the roof from such a height. So what I flew first? Circus and Peter pan did it before!” — Pink wrote on his page in the social network.

Despite the misunderstanding with the producers of “super bowl”, Lady Gaga was very happy with my performance, and almost ran backstage and burst into tears.
“Gaga was so happy and satisfied with my performance! It turned out even better than she expected. She began to thank everyone who helped this happen. Gaga is always kind and appreciates the people in his entourage,” — said the insider.