Pierre Narcisse responded to the attacks after the scandal with the rape

Пьер Нарцисс ответил на нападки после скандала с изнасилованием Radio host Marianne Suvorov continues to accuse the famous singer in the crime. Pierre Narcisse denies such allegations. The graduate of “factory of stars” said that the woman is deceiving the public.

      Пьер Нарцисс ответил на нападки после скандала с изнасилованием

      In late March, radio host Marianne Suvorov, said that the singer Dionne Warwick, singer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny”, used aggression towards her. The victim claimed that the actor she allegedly brutally raped. Then the spouse star Valeria Kalacheva reported that her husband repeatedly beat.

      Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

      A few weeks after the scandal erupted Pierre Narcisse tried to answer the attacks of the public and to clarify the situation. Figure of show business, was a guest of the TV show “live”. The Studio also went to Marianne Suvorov to share his version of the events.

      “I don’t want to justify to anyone. There are things that happened and caused me great pain. Maybe they was my mistake, but they should not happen… He was choking me, I lost consciousness. When I was losing consciousness, he beat me in the face…” said the radio host.
      Пьер Нарцисс ответил на нападки после скандала с изнасилованием

      Pierre Nartsiss has denied the charges female. “Most of what she says is wrong,” – said the singer. However, the man confirmed that indeed was with Marianne in a romantic relationship. Meeting at the hotel was a continuation of its dialogue with Suvorova. “She offered me to go to the Motel. I joked: “I will punish you in the black”, – noted artist.

      According to the singer, he never used physical force against Marianna. He made it clear that rather unusual preferences when it comes to intimate relationships. The actor also revealed that he has a videotape which depicted a fragment of his meeting with a broadcaster. On that fateful day, according to Pierre, she went through with alcohol and lost consciousness.

      “Why do I have to beat her if we fight, and communicated? Then she fell asleep. I sat and waited, when she comes to. Then asked the girls at the reception to wait because the girl has not yet recovered. No blood, nothing. I washed her because she couldn’t even clean himself. When she slightly came to, we called the car” – said Pierre.
      Пьер Нарцисс ответил на нападки после скандала с изнасилованием

      The artist believes that survivors of rape the woman would not have the same behavior easily lead, as did Marianne. “She would have immediately told him everything and called the police,” said the man.

      According to Pierre, then he, together with Mariana went home to Svetlana, a friend of the woman. According to the singer, the radio host could not move on their own and difficult to interpret. But the environment Suvorova did not believe him. “For me to take advantage of the condition of the woman, who asks not to do so is tantamount to rape” is categorically said Svetlana. However, Narcissus rejected such accusations. He stated that he would not enter into an intimate relationship with her friend, if she protested. “I want you to tell the truth,” – with these words, the artist turned to Suvorova.

      Some suspected Marianne Suvorov in the desire to become known amid the scandal involving a celebrity. The woman, who was unable to restrain his emotions and began to cry, said that such speculation was untrue.

      “I didn’t say a single word lie. I am willing to submit anything, the polygraph, truth serum… And anywhere and to anyone. I would never in my life would make a history of rape or beatings in order to become famous. Such stupid things can sin only girls who have not yet formed brains. No normal woman would not do that,” said Marianne.

      In the final program of Pierre Narcisse answered the question about his relationship with his wife Valeria Kalacheva. The singer did not go into the details, making it clear that it is too personal. “Until everything is fine. I’m not about to say today”, – said the artist. He also apologized to Tiffany and Valerie for what they were involved in a scandal.

      “Marianne, I hope you all will be well” – with these words the singer turned to the radio.