Pierre Narcisse passed away Pierre Narcisse, aged 45, has died a few minutes ago.< p>
Pierre Narcisse passed away The artist's daughter reported the sad event, and this fact was also confirmed in the press office. No details of what happened are currently known.

Pierre Narcisse passed away

Recall that the singer of Cameroonian origin became famous thanks to his participation in the second season of the Star Factory show. He was glorified by the hit “Chocolate Bunny”, which became his only iconic song. After that, his musical career did not work out.

Pierre Narcisse passed away

He lived in Moscow, got married, they had a daughter with his wife. However, in the end the marriage broke up. Then Pierre's wife said that he had problems with alcohol and he raised his hand to her. Despite the separation, the singer communicated with his daughter and supported his ex-wife.

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