Pierre Narcisse brought her daughter to a serious illness

Пьер Нарцисс довел дочь до серьезной болезни Ex-girlfriend of Pierre Narcisse has denied the information that has reconciled with the singer. Valery Kalachev said that the actor is threatening her. A young woman fears for her life. According to Valerie, on the background of stress in a small Carolina developed the disease.
Пьер Нарцисс довел дочь до серьезной болезни

Recently, singer of the hit “Chocolate hare” Pierre Nartsiss was at the center of the scandal. First, the artist was accused of rape and then it turned out that he was beating his wife and is fond of alcoholic drinks. Last week in the “live” Pierre tried to answer questions from the public. A man has denied claims by radio host Marianne Suvorova, forced to go to the doctor after a night with him, and also said that there are no problems in relations with his wife Valeria Kalacheva.

Pierre Narcisse responded to the attacks after the scandal with the rape

However, the wife of the contractor adheres to the opposite point of view. Valeria turned to reporters to share his version of the events. She says that Dionne Warwick is “a despot, a tyrant and a rapist.” For a long time Kalacheva were afraid to talk about living together with the artist, but after Suvorova decided to reveal the truth about her husband.

Пьер Нарцисс довел дочь до серьезной болезни

During the conversation with reporters Valery said that the singer was suffering from alcoholism. “He drank every day, every night,” says the woman. Sometimes Pierre had the occasional flare. In such moments, says Kalacheva, he could let his fists against the closest people – his daughter and wife.

“Husband broke into the room, began to shout, beat me, Caroline woke up and tried to calm him down, shouting: “please don’t touch that, mom!” Then the daughter got fists bumps 6-8, with full force,” said Valeria.
Пьер Нарцисс довел дочь до серьезной болезни

Amid the tense situation that prevailed at home, the little Carolina had problems with health. According to Valerie, her successor here already long time is observed at doctors. “She had heart disease, already the second degree. I have all the documents, certificates,” said the woman. According to mother Caroline, the child was prescribed a sedative to the girl is not experienced during outbreaks of anger of the father. “She’s scared of him, does not want to communicate with him,” – said Kalachev. In addition, journalists published records from the diary of Carolina, in which the girl informs about the illness.

Currently, Valeria is no longer living with Pierre. According to the woman, they divorced, but the ex-wife of the actor fears for his life. Valeria said that the ex-husband waiting for her near the entrance. Kalachevo even had to call the police when the daffodils began to scream and threaten violence. In the future, Valery intends to deprive of the parental rights Pierre, reports Life.ru.

Later appeared information in the press commented Pierre Narcisse. The artist believes that Kalacheva Valeria decided to become more recognizable due to the scandal. He also stated that he had not raised his hand against a child. But the question about when the last time saw the daughter, refused to answer.

“Baby I do. I as a father can curse the child. How can I beat a girl? Can you say “man up” it’s okay,” said the singer.