Pierre Narcisse and his spouse hinted at a reconciliation after a major argument

Пьер Нарцисс и его супруга намекнули на примирение после крупной ссоры Spouse has provoked speculation about the reunion. Recently Valeria Kalacheva and Dionne Warwick share joint photos in social networks. Apparently, the couple managed to overcome their differences.

A few months ago, singer of the hit “Chocolate hare” Pierre Nartsiss has become the focus of public attention. The artist was suspected of rape, and his wife, Valeria Kalacheva said that he allegedly suffers from alcoholism and is able to lay hands on loved ones. The narcissist denies.

Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

More recently, in the microblogging Pierre and his wife Valerie appeared in photos together. The couple attended several social events. “Nothing unites like a good job,” said Kalachev, uploading a picture with a narcissist. Pierre and Valeria were guests singer Alexander Savin, who is called “Russian Pavarotti”.

A day later Kalacheva and Narcissus appeared again together in public. The pair looked happy. Moreover, in his microblog Pierre shared a photo where he kisses Valerie. This picture has forced social media users to make a conclusion about a possible reconciliation. Apparently, Kalacheva and Narcissa managed to overcome the contradictions that arose between them.

Likely that the reunion of Valerie and Pierre due to the recent publication of a former graduate of “Factory of stars”. In the post Narcissus spoke for the first time that he behaved improperly in relation to his wife. “I apologize for the God-child Valerie that instead to sort out our lives and grievances, quarrels… I’m so ugly stumbled. The most disgusting. She’s one and only female out of millions and without which I feel so bad, and that I need”, – said Narcissus.

Earlier in the program “live” Pierre stated that he had not committed violent acts of a sexual nature in relation to the radio host Marianne Suvorova. According to the singer, they with a woman “not cursed, and talked.” Commenting on his disagreement with his wife, Narcissus gave to understand that he did not intend to discuss this topic. “Until everything is fine. I’m not about to say today”, – said the artist.

We also recall that the famous singer and his wife are parents of a charming daughter Carolina, christelle. The successor of Pierre Narcisse was born in October 2005. The birth of the beloved artist took place in one of the private maternity hospitals of the city Lyubertsy. Then journalists wrote that the relationship of Narcissus and Kalacheva was under threat. Between lovers there was a big quarrel, almost put an end to their relationship. However, after some time, Pierre and Valerie managed to reconcile the contradictions.