Pierce Brosnan vote for the return of Daniel Craig in “James bond”

Пирс Броснан голосует за возвращение Дэниэла Крэйга в «бондиану»

One of the performers as James bond, pierce Brosnan has shared with journalists his thoughts about what he wants to see in the role of agent 007.

Brosnan said he believes the best candidate 48-year-old Daniel Craig, who already has proven itself as a superspy, “I would have gladly looked back at Daniel Craig. He definitely needs to accept that role. He’s attractive and dynamic bond, which goes on stage when needed and copes with its task,” Pearce said.

We will remind, yesterday, the Network got the information that Craig may indeed accept the offer to play again in the “James bond”. This decision of Daniel may be due to the fact that he had already experienced the creative freedom, to which so longed for, and now you can star in a movie, to replenish their Bank accounts. And the amount is large… For the role of James bond, the British promised more than $ 100 million.