Пирс Броснан высказался о своем преемнике в бондиане — Дэниеле Крейге
The actor praised the work of his “heir” in the role of James bond.

Пирс Броснан высказался о своем преемнике в бондиане — Дэниеле Крейге

For a long time did not stop the controversy and predictions about who will get the role of the famous superspy in the 25th anniversary film about James bond. And finally, Daniel Craig has publicly confirmed that it will play again.

Their attitude was expressed by pierce Brosnan, who in his time as bond and was replaced by Craig.

“Personally, I
will only be happy if Daniel will play in a new film about the agent 007. Imagine, he told me
like! — admitted Brosnan. — I’m happy that Craig has replaced my bond. SEZ in his
the performance of dynamic and gorgeous, and he really did a great job — when
really, the franchise needed fresh blood invigorating and quickening. And my “heir” Craig, I think, brilliantly with this challenge”.

Although at the time the news that he would no longer play James bond was Pierce’s tragedy.

“It was a painful blow, I will not hide, says Brosnan. Especially because I knew that something had to change. It was time to dust off the suit of the agent, to allow him a little more. Lacked real passion, fire, love scenes — not vulgar, but really cool. In the bond it was forbidden even forgive, naked nipples to show on the screen! Nobody wanted to risk… I was ready to invest in the role more emotion, soul. But wouldn’t let me… When I was getting ready the phone rang. I was sure that I wanted to call and say when and where to arrive for filming. But I heard quite another. So I was out of the game. Understand the business nothing personal, as they say. Wanted a younger bond. But you know, we always taught: that we are one family… don’t do that with a family member after almost a decade of work and four movies! It was painful when I was forced to abandon the family.”

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