Pierce Brosnan opens in Paris his exhibition

Пирс Броснан открывает в Париже свою выставку
The actor has decided to scale new heights.

Pierce Brosnan


Pierce Brosnan does not get tired to surprise the world with their talents.

In the movie Mamma Mia! he began to sing, and is going to do it in the sequel film, which is now removed. “I like to sing, as if for me it is not abused, and hope that the audience was Mature enough to once again to listen to me” with a smile says the actor.

And now pierce Brosnan is going to open his personal vystavka, and not anywhere, and once in Paris.

“I never studied, as, indeed, acting in the school, said the actor. I left school at 15 years and then was able to do only one thing — to draw. In my youth I even took into the firm as a graphic designer. But being an actor, I almost gave up drawing until I sick of Kassandra (the first wife of the actor, which in 43 years died of cancer. — Approx. ed.) . In those long dark nights when he sat at the bedside of a dying wife, I started drawing again. The source of my creativity then became fear and pain… Well, later, when I moved to Hawaii, I started spending a lot of time at the easel. I love acting, but art has always been my passion. Now I want to drive in Paris their pictures to an exhibition. I have 157 of finished works. Will remove hall, beautiful hang a picture, I will be handing out cocktails and have a good time..”

The full interview with the actor here.