Пирс Броснан отпраздновал романтическую годовщину
The actor admitted, than the wife has captured his heart.

Pierce Brosnan with wife


Pierce Brosnan lived with Keeley Shay Smith for a quarter century, but he still feels
myself around her like a lovestruck teenager. 65-year-old actor has managed to retain tender feelings for his wife. “Thank you, darling, in the 25 years that we have lived
in love, and for those that we have yet to come!” — so pierce had signed their joint
photo Keeley, published online. “I love her zest for life, her passion and energy. She has the power,
which helps to live and I…” admitted Brosnan.

Pier know in Hollywood as a unique faithful husband. Over the years of his marriage to Shay Smith he
never gave a reason to suspect him of having an affair on the side. Almost all of the time
which pier has outside of film sets, he dedicates his family — minus the hours that conducts in his Studio, where he writes of the work: Brosnan is not only a Hollywood star, but also recognized as a talented artist. To
example, one of his paintings — a portrait of Bob Dylan — was sold this spring
auction for half a million dollars.

Keeley, was the civil wife of the Pier in 1993, but they Pierce formalized their relationship in 2001: we had a wedding in Ireland. Over the years of marriage, Shay Smith gave birth to two sons. Senior
Dylan is 21 years old, and the younger Paris — 17.

Keeley — the second wife of actor. With his first wife, Cassandra Harris, mother
two adopted children and one biological son, Brosnan lived for 11
years. Perhaps they would have been married much longer, but in 1991, Cassandra
he died from cancer. Pierce told me that was then
devastated that barely survived.