Картину Пирса Броснана оценили в полтора миллиона долларов
The actor was impressed with his artistic talent.

Картину Пирса Броснана оценили в полтора миллиона долларов

Pierce Brosnan

Photo: Instagram.com

Not all know that pierce Brosnan, famous for playing the character James
Bond, a talented artist. Another proof of this is the fact that
in the recently held auction, which raised funds in the Fund
research and find methods to fight AIDS — AMFAR,
once his creation was sold for almost half a million dollars. It
is about to give you, the portrait of Bob
Dylan. Shopper became a big fan of Brosnan, a millionaire and
Maecenas Marina Acton.

Incidentally, pierce is not taught. Before becoming an actor, he
was going to become a professional artist. Leaving school at 16, he
went to art school Saint Martin’s school of Art. And only
after graduating, he subsequently decided to become an actor and has carried out his intention,
after studying at Drama Centre London.

However, after pierce became a movie star, he
not abandoned painting. It is curious that his Studio he set right in
the marital bedroom. However, his beloved wife Keely Shay Smith, whom
he married in 2001-m to year in Ireland, completely agrees, she
appreciate the talent of her husband. As said Brosnan, in his work he uses
a variety of techniques and materials: he paints like acrylic and oil paints. And he writes most often portraits and

Pierce Brosnan with his wife Keely Shay Smith