Piano Lady Gaga go under the hammer for a quarter of a million dollars

Пианино Леди Гаги уйдет с молотка за четверть миллиона долларов

My first piano song Lady Gaga wrote at the age of only five years. a musical instrument has a rich history further songwriting Stephanie and now, after more than 20 years, the singer has decided to get rid of it.

As it became known, the piano is Lady Gaga, which is code-named her the Muse will go under the hammer with auction house Julien’s Auctions.

According to the estimates the organizers plan to bail out amount in the region of 200-250 thousand dollars.

Only here this money will not go to the owner of the tool, and a charitable Foundation Born This Way Foundation, which Germanotta organized in 2012.

It should say that the piano has already become rare. It was bought by grandma and grandpa of the singer in 1966. Then the tool was worth $ 780.


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