Photos of the stars “House-2” of Mexico before plastic shocked fans

Фото звезды «Дома-2» Мексики до пластики шокировали фанатов The girl had changed beyond recognition. Just a couple of years ago, the brunette from the Rostov region Marina Cherkasova worked as a stylist and didn’t even think about having to go to the TV project “House-2”. However, those who knew Mexico school years, was surprised to see her in a reality show. She completely redid the face.

      Фото звезды «Дома-2» Мексики до пластики шокировали фанатов
      Фото звезды «Дома-2» Мексики до пластики шокировали фанатов

      Finalist of the first season of the show “Dom-2. Love island” Marina Cherkasova, better known as Mexico, has proved himself on the project as a bold and sexy party that is making the utmost effort in order to win Alexander Zadoinov. However, prior to his life in Moscow, the girl looked completely different.

      In the Network appeared pictures of the Marina, were made in different periods of life. Apparently, the audience TNT has seen Mexico after several interventions of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. The two-year-old testifies that since then, the Marina has changed the shape of the nose corrected cheekbones and also increased the lips.

      A special role in the appearance of participating in the project was played by the tattoos that decorate her arms and legs. The girl’s parents Irina and Viktor did not appreciate her desire for drawings on the body. However, Marina’s mother believes that her daughter is not stuffing meaningless tattoos, and believes that pictures can change her destiny.

      On top of that Mexico makes this makeup, which helps to visually enlarge the eyes and highlight the cheekbones. Some social media users criticized the woman for her artificial hair, and think that she is not going tattoo. The brunette pays no attention to the negative reviews, and stresses that she even funny kittigazuit. Cherkasov does not hide that loves to upgrade their appearance therefore sometimes even share videos taken during cosmetic procedures.

      In one of the posts in the microblog Mexico urged people to tolerate the choices of others. “I do, but not against the fact that girls spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery of the face and body. Nobody has the right to say what is possible and what is not. This is a personal matter of each of us… I urge you to respect the choice of others. And support the person when it really need. Love yourself the way you want to love. Most importantly, what each of us was happy. Way, way to make this happen, one should not worry”, – said the participant of “House-2”.