Photos from the wedding eve Longoria leaked

Фото со свадьбы Евы Лонгориы попали в сеть

Famous actress, star of TV series “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria got married. About what celebrity is marrying her fiancé Jose Baston, rumors circulated a few days ago. The couple wanted to make the ceremony a secret, but as they say, cannot long be hidden the sun, the moon and the truth – about the triumph leaked sources close to Eva, and they’ve told her a radiant look and pre-wedding worries.

Фото со свадьбы Евы Лонгориы попали в сеть
According to insiders, Longoria literally beamed throughout the past week. And yesterday they finally Jose swore eternal love and fidelity on the ocean in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. As it was told by witnesses:

“They went to the altar, behind which there were a huge number of lights. It was very romantic and captivating. Eva smiled the whole ceremony. She was wearing a white dress, and Jose grey suit”.

By the way, the wedding dress his longtime girlfriend made Victoria Beckham.
On his page in the social network Longoria posted a photo of their rings and signed it: “In our garden in a small company of people whom we dearly love, Pepe and I were bound together in Holy matrimony”.
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