Photo participant “House-2” to plastics shocked fans of the show

Фото участницы «Дома-2» до пластики шокировало поклонников шоу Rita Kern was remembered all spectators of the project “Dom-2. “Island of love” for their outstanding forms. However, fans of the reality show found on the Internet pictures, which the girl’s body still has not been modified with plastic surgeries. Among users of social networks sparked heated discussions of these frames.

      Фото участницы «Дома-2» до пластики шокировало поклонников шоу

      The recently launched project “House-2. The island of love” has chained to TV screens of thousands of viewers. The show gathered together twelve spectacular girls who are fighting for the hearts of Ivan and Alexander Bursikova Zadoinov. In the first series of the new programme, the real sensation produced Rita Kern, sexy brunette with big Breasts. On the project “Dom-2. The island of love” came the priest’s daughter

      The girl has managed to stand out appearances on the set in the Nude, when private parts were covered only by strips of tape. Fans of the participant of the show found out that Margaret hasn’t always looked like this. Many years ago the Cairn was not outstanding bust and voluminous lips. Pictures girls to plastics quickly spread around the social network.

      Internet users are actively discussing which core they like. “A normal girl was, why so disfigure yourself?”, “The feeling that the difference between the photo 30 years”, “She’s on the change itself will not stop, this is not the end result,” “Before the surgery, she looked much better than now”, – such comments were left under the members of public “House-2”.

      Some believe that the core has all the chances to win the project because she did not hesitate and is able to manage men. According to friend and mentor Margaret, known pickup artists Alex Leslie, the priest’s daughter knows how to manipulate members of the opposite sex.

      “The other girls for the core not competing,” said buddy Kern. – It just goes to show not for a million. She had rich men who were removing her a lot of money. I think she fell in love, if I went even under the camera. Because in her life there was a case when she lived with the guy and paid for his apartment, food, clothing. All out of love!”

      According to the organizers of the show “Dom-2. The island of love”, the couple showed the strongest relationship, will receive one million roubles. “Bachelors”, Alexander Zadoinov and Ivan Barzakov live together in a Villa with 310 square meters with an 80 meter terrace with two staircases and a swimming pool the construction of which cost nearly 30 million rubles. The channel decides who will go to the island after these two men.