Фото Корнелии Манго в купальнике стали предметом споров The singer has published in his microblog provocative pictures. They Korneliya Mango shows a shape in a bikini. Discussing photos, subscribers stars in Instagram was divided into two camps.

      Фото Корнелии Манго в купальнике стали предметом споров

      Cornelia Mango prepares for honeymoon with her beloved husband Bogdan Durden. She bragged to friends and fans that all documents have been collected and it’s time to pack your bags for the Philippine Islands. It is in this exotic country, the couple decided to spend unforgettable days.

      It should be noted that to prepare for the hot season Cornelia started in advance. The star was on a diet and actively engaged in sports. Her figure was taut, though not devoid of appetizing forms. In confirmation of this, the singer released footage from a recent photo shoot in a swimsuit that she is going to take with you on vacation.

      Seeing candid shots of the star, her followers on Instagram were divided into two camps. Some took photos with skepticism, others admired the figure of Cornelia.

      “That should look like the girl – rich, beautiful, lush, and that these boards are already tired”, “need to lose Weight. Well, you hypocrites?”, “Not fat! The girl in the body. Not everyone can be skinny with a MOP silicone Breasts. If she like her husband, what it matters? Everyone has their own preferences”, – wrote excitedly to each other, the followers Mango.

      Recall, Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd played a magnificent wedding on June 16. The wedding ceremony took place in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. Interestingly, Cornelia decided to take the name of the spouse “Dyurd”. The singer’s father flew in from Portugal for the wedding of a daughter to hear her say the cherished “Yes” to their partner.

      The wedding was very fun and was in the style of a beach party. As friends celebrate the very creative people at the Banquet there were many competitions and surprises, dances and songs.

       Cornelia Mango and groom acquired luxury housing

      After vozvrasheniya from honeymoon, the couple will move to live in an apartment in a luxury residential complex in Mitino. “We are very hard on yourself. But I used to think that it’s better to live in a rented apartment because you did not hold. But now that we will soon be a family, we decided to invest and buy their homes. I’m so glad that all calculations were done by my man because I don’t know how to save money,” said Cornelia “StarHit” the day before the wedding.


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