Photo of Ani Lorak without makeup has caused heated debates

Фото Ани Лорак без макияжа вызвало бурные споры On his page in the social network, the singer published a picture, which became a topic for discussion among subscribers. Some netizens didn’t recognize your favorite singer, however, said that a woman still looks good.

      In his microblog the singer put a picture appeared before fans in a natural way without makeup. Most members appreciated the bold move of his idol, saying that not every star will dare to post pictures of this kind. They noted that the singer looks good and with its natural resources may absolutely not be ashamed to appear like this in public.

      The followers remembered that summer, the artist has already exhibited a picture without makeup. According to them, Lorak is beautiful and refined and does not lose its individuality, but on the contrary it boldly demonstrates. Someone wrote that the distinguishing feature of a woman are her eyes, which fascinate them and give absolutely not be disappointed. For many the singer in the pictures looks much younger than his years, because he has not resorted to cosmetic products. There were commentators who expressed the opinion that the beauty of the stars should always emphasise the inherited beauty , and makeup can sometimes play a cruel joke.

      Daughter Ani Lorak learned to communicate with the paparazzi

      “What a beautiful, gentle, filled with love, thanks for the wonderful winter Wonderland, you just really sincere and good people!” “Without makeup just like a girl!” “How brave you are, good, so and so without makeup – very cool, look and see, beautiful, natural girl. I began to like,” wrote the enthusiastic fans of the actress.

      It should be noted that among the commenters were those who liked the natural look of stars. They said that she looks tired. However, many members joined with these people in the dispute, claiming that Ani Lorak, in their opinion, beautiful . Apparently, the woman arrived for a concert in Irkutsk. Residents poprivetstvoval her and expressed the hope that very soon will meet with her darling on her performance.

      Ani Lorak decided on Sunday to share not only natural appearance, but also the room in which it will assemble the team to prepare for the exit of the Seine river. She published a video which showed subscribers how often meet the artists than their cromat and what services are offered. Fans admitted that they was honored to get the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the stage of life.