Фото Анфисы Чеховой в купальнике произвело фурор The presenter showed curvy figure. Anfisa, who is fighting with overweight, it seems, finally satisfied. In any case, fans noticed that Chekhov more postroila.

Anfisa Chekhova is currently in program STS “Balanced people” in which men and women with very high body weight lose weight, competing among themselves who is better and faster loses weight, wins. Anfisa with the topic familiar to you: all her life she struggled with excess weight and now seems pleased with himself.

Chekhov claims that she did not respond to the classic diet – she dropped the weight temporarily and then gaining again. Leading generally against diets, and at one time said that the apparent reason for this rapid weight loss she had, she didn’t strain in the gym and not much indulged in food.

But then admitted that she has her own system of weight loss “it is through love, a pleasure.” Wrote, offering fans to try to lose weight as she is.

“I know whereof I speak, because at 16, I weighed 72 kilograms, while girls my age weighed 40-45. Finding this horrible reality, I was worried about how the pounds to lose. Especially since I was a girl, a teenager, and I really wanted to be slim and beautiful. Wish I ran the boys. And then 72 kilograms and insulting taunts, leading to tears. Over the years my pohudela, I developed my own system in which words such as “struggle,” “violence,” “prohibitions” and other negative expressions are not available. My system is through love, in pleasure,” – said on the website of the program.

“Unreal waist! How did this happen?”, “Ribs removed?” “The waist is photoshopped. But beautiful” – wrote Anfisa fans.

But Chekhov, who never climbed by word in a pocket did not respond to haters, and continues to publish a photo of yourself in tight and revealing costumes. In addition, Anfisa proud of their sporting achievements, for example, it is a lot of active, judging by the photos on social networks, doing yoga and making great strides. “Two years ago I was even in the bar could not stand and five accounts, and thought that all these handstands, only the young gymnasts. And now, not perfect, based on the wall, but handstand. An incredible feeling when your body listens to you and ceases to control you. And yet, an incredible sense of victory, even a small, but for me is very significant,” wrote something like Anfisa.

Periodically Anfisa puts live its Instagram video and shows how the fed now – steamed fish, vegetables, fruits, but also in desserts does not deny. Recent images of figures Chekhova in swimsuits made a lot of noise. Members have expressed in the comments leading my admiration, but some mistrust otneslis to the photo, assuming you used photoshop and knowing that Naomi had the surgery.