Фото взрослой дочери Тины Канделаки произвело фурор в Сети
18-year-old Melania has grown into an amazing beauty.

Daughter Of Tina Kandelaki Melania

Photo: Instagram

Tina Kandelaki often talks about how her
it is important to respect the boundaries of personal space their children, Melania and Leontius. Photos
18-year-old daughter she shares with subscribers his microblog only
resolution: the girl does not want to be promoted on behalf of the star mother and tries not
to attract too much attention. Now Melania enrolled in MSU
the faculty of journalism: she decided to follow in the footsteps of Tina. Recently Kandelaki
an exception was made and published in Instagram photo
daughter, who, by the way, is growing remarkably similar to his father, the businessman
Andrey Kondrahin, the former husband of TV presenter.

“God, what unearthly beauty”, “Noble
beauty”, “Beauty without the overinflated lips and a beautiful face”, “Very little
such modest girls weight in gold! It is necessary to protect such”, “Matures and
becoming a more attractive girl. That’s just the haircut you need
something to think about”, “Saw Melania once in the Mall, such
humble and not arrogant girl. Look nice, don thinks of himself
star”, “Your and to become a rock feel”, “Flourish. Eyes just the fire,”
admire the users of the Network.

I don’t know what to expect next ?

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