Photo of Alla Pugacheva without makeup scared of fans

Фото Аллы Пугачевой без макияжа напугало поклонников
Diva thanked God for another day of life.

Photo: Instagram

Alla Pugacheva was seriously scared fans of his morning message on Instagram. And it’s not in the pictures without makeup — her 68-year-old singer looks great. Seemed strange that she decided to publish this picture, and the words she wrote in a personal blog:

“Thank you, Lord, for a new morning in my life and day. Let not relate to their anger human”

It is unclear whether from Alla worsened the condition and she says “thank you” to God for another day. Whether the Diva finally had enough haters in the Network.

Needless to say, any act of the stars subjected to terrible criticism. Even the seemingly innocent drawing of a little daughter Pugacheva and Galkin became a cause of scandal.

It was in celebration of the 4 anniversary of Lisa and Harry. Daughter Alla suggested to eat ice cream, which barely brought it to the girl’s face, snapped and turned into a cloud. Lisa looked really upset and up by a coughing fit, ran to her parents. Fans were outraged, which is for children of the star family. “What a silly trick, doll almost choked to death!”, “A mockery of the girl. Cheating the children is wrong!”, “It’s a celebration of children and what remains in memory from this “surprise” — a bad mood?” — outraged fans of the family of Alla.