Photo of Alla Pugacheva in her swimsuit blew Network

Фото Аллы Пугачевой в купальнике взорвало Сеть Maxim Galkin has published the frame with comfortable. The famous entertainer decided to share with fans a snapshot of Alla Pugacheva – Primadonna lies in a black bathing suit on the beach in Jurmala.

Traditionally, the summer, the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin carried out in Latvia, on the Baltic coast. The couple are renting a Villa in Jurmala. Maxim Galkin has shared with fans a photo of his wife, who basked under the rays of the sun.

Frame Alla dressed in a black swimsuit strapless. Hair Divas gathered up and on their feet, adorn the black Slippers with a bow. I must say that the photos Pugacheva in a swimsuit never enter the Network. However, Galkin decided to give a surprise to all fans of the legendary singer and showcase her slender figure.

“Favorite tans. Shot on the sly – not like when it is photographed,” – wrote in the microblog showman.

This publication caused great repercussions in the Network. Celebrities shared this shot with her fans on Instagram. One of the first whose attention was drawn to the publication of Galkin, was Philip.

“Well, just Hollywood is resting,” commented a photo of the king of the domestic pop scene.

Fans could not believe their eyes – they came to a real delight from what could see the Diva in a swimsuit. Fans noted that Alla Borisovna looks just fine. Followers drew attention to the slender legs Pugacheva – they recognized that not every woman can boast of a graceful ankles and knees.

“She eats apples of youth or what? Removed the hair is not recognizable, but pretty,” “Dream to look like that. Beauty. How beautiful she is!”, “Looks gorgeous, that’s what a woman makes love. Bravo to you, Maxim”, “Maxim, take care of her, she’s the one who is who she is. Cool, we love our Alia Borisovna!” – posted by fans of the legendary singer.

Pugacheva and Galkin were lit at the party in the style of the 90s

Pugacheva trying to keep a slim figure and for this, even refuses treats. Maxim Galkin recently posted a video of how Laima Vaikule persuades Dolly parton to try the desserts. “It is possible for us. I’ll have a pancakes and ice cream. To us it is possible. Let him who can not, neither should he eat. Look at you! Come on little by little,” – said Latvian singer Diva.