Photo of a young mother, Marina Alexandrova made a splash

Фото молодой мамы Марины Александровой произвели фурор In the picture posted on Instagram, women are like sisters. The artist is proud of his forever young mom, with whom they’re friends since childhood. The actress told her fans about family traditions on international women’s day. Fans appreciated the kind the Marina.

      March 8 star of the TV series “Ekaterina” shared with subscribers microblog a photo with his mom. It is not easy in the selection of costumes and interiors, has placed quite a simple street shot taken on the phone, on the background of blossoming spring buds. The actress congratulated all women with the holiday of spring and talked about his philosophical approach to this day. It turns out that Marina perceives on March 8 not only as your personal holiday, but also as a peculiar “mother’s day”. It is now necessary, as much as possible to pay attention to the mother, to congratulate her, give gifts, to cherish, I’m sure the artist.

      “With the celebration of spring and mom! Women’s day is primarily the mother’s day. What a joy to have a friend like you, mom! Protect your loved ones, appreciate and love!” – Alexandrov wrote in his “Twitter”.

      Fans of the actress was immediately rebuilt on the wave of the idol and began to congratulate on the Network, as a star, and her mother. Many noted that the Russian artist is very similar to the mother which, by the way, looks only slightly older daughter.

      “What is your mother young and beautiful!” noted followers of the blog.

      Marina Aleksandrova has admitted that she has a warm relationship with their parents. And they really are proud of their daughter! It’s not even the popularity and fulfillment of the child, and her attachment to family. Even in childhood Marina showed how appreciates and loves his family. In the interview, the mom star told me that in difficult times, when she and her husband had almost no money, the family kept a daughter. Talented girl has always participated in various city events and got them a small fees. The money future celebrity was given to the needs of the family.

      By the way, many fans take this opportunity not only congratulated Marina on International women’s day and thanked her for the great role. Some lamented the fact that the day before ended with a demonstration of the famous series featuring Alexandrova. Other fans expressed admiration for a brilliant role in the film “Ekaterina”. The Marina used more to look forward and looking forward to the release of a new tape, reissue Sergey Znamensky “Real scenario”, the output of which is scheduled for the first half of 2017.