Photo newborn son Jasmine made a splash

Фото новорожденного сына Жасмин произвело фурор Recently the singer gave birth to her third child. The baby was born healthy, weighing 3,350 pounds and 54 cm. Parents are extremely happy and accept congratulations from friends and acquaintances. The star has already showed his fans a little the heels of his Myron.

      Фото новорожденного сына Жасмин произвело фурор

      At the beginning of this week, the singer Jasmine was a third time mom. The star and her husband Ilan Shor son was born. The boy was born in one of capital clinics. Child named Myron after his grandfather on the paternal side. Jasmine covered by greetings the friends and followers of her microblog. The star thanked for the warm words and showed the first photo of the newborn.

      “Thank you, my dear, for the sincere greetings, wishes touching and incredibly kind words! I you all reciprocate! We have a Sonny’s all good, we are quietly moving into this new and exciting world,” wrote Jasmine in his Instagram.

      In the picture you can see the star mommy holds in his hands the cute little heels newborn son. Fans of the pop singer wish the baby’s health and happiness family.

      “Family warmth, prosperity, good health and universal happiness!”, “Health to you, and the baby is more delicious milk”, “Congratulations on the birth of son! May happiness and luck will be his faithful companions in life!”, – such pleasant comments left fans of stars on her page.

      During pregnancy Jasmine hid from the General public the baby’s gender. She wanted it to was a pleasant surprise, particularly for her husband.

      After the birth of the heir to Jasmine immediately shared with the media the joyous news.

      “That’s something that I’ve been waiting a long nine months! Today was born a beautiful baby boy named Myron! Such joy to hold him and to enjoy this small, but such great happiness! Ahead of us, so many discoveries, so many new and interesting! Thank you to everyone who has supported me all this time! We are fine, wonderful and great!” – said Jasmine “StarHit”.

      Pregnancy stars took a little harder than the previous two. The singer faced a strong toxicosis in the early stages. Jasmine was tormented by the weakness, she had a headache and she really wanted to eat sauerkraut and cucumbers.

      Recall that Jasmine and her husband are raising four-year-old daughter Margarita and nineteen-year-old son Michael, born at singer’s first marriage. The older children of the star was happy about the new addition to the family. Daughter of the singer even during pregnancy, the mother demanded that the baby was born quickly.

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