The presenter showed a figure that subscribers gasped.

Andrey Malakhov got Instagram recently, but has already become the star of the social network. His photographs punctually be sensational. And no wonder: TV presenter loves to share with subscribers images, in which he is not quite dressed. One photo in the image of the Prince on a white horse which is…

But the photo, which appeared on his page yesterday, has eclipsed all the others combined. On it Andrew sits on a chair in his bathing suit, showing off a figure that the Italian millionaire Vacca smokes on the sidelines.

“Good erotic evening! We present a new young star in the world photos of Cristo Sudmalis. Exactly so she saw me in her Studio July 10, 2016 in 22.34”, signed the Malakhov.

Photo published @malakhov007 Aug 25 2016 8:26 PDT

What happened! Followers of Andrew showered him with compliments: “Smart muscles”, “Well, right Apollo!..”, “How much work invested in this body, respect it”.

And someone even suggested that the made specifically for a textbook on anatomy. It is difficult to argue, looking at muscle star of the presenter. Jokes jokes, but in this case, students of the medical school could only envy!

And you will begin after this photo to watch the program “Let them talk”?

  • Now don’t miss a single show!
  • I am looking
  • Only watch the news, so – no
  • Alas. I have no TV… But for that you can buy!
  • And he’s married?

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