Photo Ksenia Borodina no makeup became a hit on social networks

Фото Ксении Бородиной без макияжа стало хитом соцсетей
TV presenter on holiday refused to cosmetics.

Фото Ксении Бородиной без макияжа стало хитом соцсетей

Ksenia Borodina again became a victim of the attacks of the haters. The web was much discussion recently appeared on the Network a photo, which she was captured without makeup. Like many girls, TV presenter on holiday, which she now spends with his family in Turkey, refused to use cosmetics. Detractors quickly spread on social networks is not the best picture of Xenia, accompanying his unflattering comments about “the gray, ugly and repulsive” appearance Borodina.

And while critics criticize the external data of Xenia, the star is bathed in love and attention of a spouse — Kurban Omarov. The other day he made her an unforgettable surprise: gifted jewelry, buy Borodin which I have long dreamed of. Moreover, the husband gave his beloved the gift is very original way.

“I went two days and watched the ring, thinking, thinking… I was postponed and today was supposed to get. The husband says, “Well, let’s see your ring”. Come, and the seller with a serious face said to me: you bought the ring. I’m in shock! As bought?! You can I put it…”, came a very serious man bought for his wife”. I complain to her husband, he told me: “Well, it means not yours, yours you still come!” And I’m in tears almost… wanted this ring. Come to the table, all my friends complain, and my husband gets the ring and gives it to me!”

We will remind that recently the Xenia and Eid was the fault of Ksenia Sobchak in a very awkward position. During the red carpet ceremony “MUZ-TV” Sobchak directly with children couples recalled Borodina about past infidelities Kurban, what seriously brought a leading “House-2” out.