Фото Ирины Безруковой в бикини произвело фурор в Сети
53-year-old actress compared the young mermaid.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: Instagram

Irina Bezrukova, while on tour in Krasnodar Krai,
found some time for yourself. A rare day off, she held, going to
Spa, where he made his massage as well as plenty went swimming in a clean

“Today was a rare day off, — said the actress in
personal microblogging. — I enjoyed the dream
massage, delicious food, sun and water. And it was perfect! Only mothers
workaholics will understand me fully!”

On this day, the star made the original and spicy picture in
the swimsuit, which was appreciated by the subscribers of its social
network. “Mermaid!”; “What an unusual photo!”; “I do not understand, this woman is
age?” — admired by fans of Bezrukovoj.

To maintain such a perfect physical form actress helps the system
power, which helped her to develop a nutritionist. Artist eats three or four
times daily without strict mode. And water trying to drink up to four litres.
“Only clean water supplies or sources. And to drink it should be warm —
somewhere 38 degrees, — said Irina. And the result, as you can see, there is: I
almost the same waist as in 19 years!”