Фото Надежды Грановской без макияжа удивило поклонников
Without makeup, the singer looks much younger.

Photo: Instagram

36-year-old Hope Granovsky constantly suspect that she changed the passport is your birth year. Allegedly doesn’t look the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” for his age, but actually she’s older at least 10 years. The star does not deny that can be the truth perceived by the fans a little older, but not for forgery.

“Yes, I’ve seen some people write: “She’s more she’s just the passport changed…” he told Them. last year in interview to magazine “7 Days”. — It’s funny, but I’m with these people will agree. The fact that I really had never felt a girl. I have always wanted to interact with adults in early childhood. It seemed such an interesting adult conversation, as opposed to the children. And even now, my soul mate, my true friends are women much older than me. And I have them more in common than with her age. So people who don’t believe that I’m 35 years old, most likely, read my internal state. As the song says, “…and my heart is a thousand years…” I definitely can say it about yourself.”

But fans still found the true cause of the “extra age” of the beloved singer. Turns out, her ages only bright makeup! It incredibly is Hope, but visually adds a “past years”.

It turned out that the skin Granovsky smooth, with subtle age-related changes in the form of wrinkles, which is not worth to pay attention. A thick concealer, which is necessary to use the singer’s photo shoots, filming and appearances hide the true state of things.

“This natural!” — noted by groupies. — “Often go so!” “You are gorgeous, Nadia!”, “Crazy beautiful!”