Фото «глубоко беременной» Софьи Каштановой произвело фурор в Сети
The actress showed rounded belly.

Photo: Instagram

About the personal life of Sophia Brown the public is not known virtually nothing. All official sources says that the actress is not married, has no children. In interviews, the theme of love, she cleverly bypasses and away from direct questions free her heart. More surprising was today’s fans to access social networks and see the personal blog of Sophia a photo of her with a big belly! The instantly scored a record number of “likes” and hundreds of comments. However, fans are not fooled. Many guessed that she was pregnant not itself Kashtanova, and her character Christina from the TV series “Police with the ruble”, the new season which starts on channel TNT since April 16.

But that’s the intrigue: who is pregnant Chris, if in the last episode of last season she broke up with Izmailov (starring Alexander Petrov), and her longtime admirer Muhich (Roman Popov) has found love in the person of the teacher. Neither the actress nor the creators of the series this mystery yet to reveal not collected, thus bringing to view the greatest number of viewers.

But some details of the new series still managed to learn. Heroes of Sergey Burunov and Alexander Petrov are reversed. In the new season of “Police officer” Gregory Izmailov will continue to engage in the moral destruction of Yakovlev, but now as his boss. One did not foresee the Demon for any offense now to answer him. And Yakovlev do not apply to take advantage of it. He will face with students from MGIMO, rude to the officials and even will lead on the work of the young mistress. Never-ending reprimands for daring and uncontrollable subordinate, Lieutenant Colonel Yakovlev — will crumble on Gregory, as from a cornucopia.

Changes expected and the female half of the “ruble”. While café Christine and Alena (Tatiana Babenkova) slowly emerges into self-sufficiency, the former escortsite decides to apply specialized education and some money. So Christine appears alter-ego — sexologist Svetlana Kamasut. By fortunate coincidence, will apply to it in Faith (Irina Vilkova), she Mujica, asking him to save her from the crazy antics of the beloved. Will appear in the third season, and bold new heroine — operative Alisa Rybkin, played by Rina Grishina. Her character is possessed and self-confident lady — its flourishes to give a light most Izmailov. Producers calls Rybkin Grishina hypostasis in a woman’s appearance.