Фото дочерей Ксении Бородиной произвело фурор среди фанатов Fans believe that Thea is very similar to the Mary. A touching picture in which the older sister holds on hands Junior Ksenia Borodina has shared in the microblog. Subscribers teledive in awe of how her daughters get along with each other.

      The permanent host of the project “Dom-2” and mother of two adorable girls Ksenia Borodina strives to ensure that her daughter grew up in an atmosphere of friendship, love and reaching to each other. And it seems the star mom brilliantly cope with this task.

      At least looking at one of the new images of Mary, and Teona, which Ksenia Borodina has shared in the microblog, it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion – sisters treat each other with great tenderness. In the photo the eldest daughter Xenia Marusya is holding Theon Junior, soon to be eight months. Despite the fact that Thea is not so little, Mara continued to support the sister behind his back so she was comfortable. The youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina was compared to Rapunzel

      Fans Borodina, which it no longer spoiled the joint images of the daughters, immediately began to admire the girls, at the same time complimenting their mother.

      “You have very good Maroussia, modest, kind! God forbid that she was in life, now it is a rarity among children! Well-mannered”, “Mara bottomless eyes! Stunning girls, I thought Maru holding a doll, pretty!”, “Daughter just nyashki. Marusen’ka is holding Thea like a doll, so easily and naturally. What she’s done!”, “Thea, Thea. How do you want to see it! Sure she’s a beauty”, “can’t wait to see Theon, I think she’s not far behind the sisters in beauty” – for a short period under the daughters of Ksenia Borodina, fans have left more than two thousand comments.

      With the birth of the youngest daughter of TEI Xenia trusted part of the care of her older Marusya than instilled in her a sense of responsibility for the baby. And this approach to education came to fruition. In the behavior of seven Marousi there is no hint of jealousy six-month-old sister. She cares for Theon almost on a par with my mother, and apparently she relishes Nanas with her younger sister. In this case, as told in the microblog Ksenia Borodina, her eldest daughter acts like an adult, not resenting Thea, who sometimes allows himself to fool around.

      “As soon as Thea can never drags us by the hair, pinches and grabs our chains, Mara, as the older sister, all suffer, is busy with Junior, loves her, and Thea at the sight of the sisters, laughing out loud. By the way, when we are alone, at night, the Mara also gets and helps to feed. Very adult child, my eldest,” wrote Ksenia Borodina.

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