Фото дочери Гарика Харламова наделало много шума в Сети The famous family spends their vacation in Greece. Kristina Asmus shares his bright shots from the trip in his microblog. Posted before in the social network, the little heiress of the artists evoked emotion from fans of the stars. However, some Internet users are surprised that the actress was able to show a picture of daughter with no clothes on.

      Last week, actress Kristina Asmus with her husband, the star of Comedy club Garik Kharlamov and two year old daughter Anastasia had gone on holiday to Sunny Greece. The family was waiting for this vacation, because for years they have not had the opportunity to fly together to the sea. Parents teach the little heiress to swim and dive. Happy mother decided to share with fans a new frame from the trip.

      The photo of Garik Kharlamov is holding his daughter Nastenka. Girl filmed from behind, she enthusiastically looks into the distance. Parents still hide the face of the heiress from prying eyes. Asmus has signed a snapshot: “My favorite.” Followers admired the beautiful hair of a two-year Nasti and said what a caring father Garik Kharlamov. Some users of social networks protested that the girl has no swimsuit. In the opinion of the subscribers Asmus, 2.5 years to get the children even on vacation. They also noted that it is not necessary to put the footage of the naked heiress in the microblog.

      The family made a boat trip on the sea near the Peninsula of Halkidiki. During the stop star Comedy club and his wife were able to swim at a depth of several meters. Kharlamov took the vest. “Saved by a mermaid. Know how to swim and without a life vest, but my daughter is only 2.5 years old and need to swim safely,” with a sense of humor said the showman.

      By the way, Kristina Asmus itself looks in some photographs as a young girl. The picture shows the actress sitting in jeans with holes in the stern of the yacht, it is possible to give only 12-15 years. “So small and so cute”, “Like a teenager!”, “Sweetheart, a little girl like”, “Oh, I didn’t recognize you! I think that girly!” – wrote in the comments of subscribers of the artist.

      Recall that Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov married in 2013. All were surprised at the Union of the actress and star of the Comedy Club. According to the wife of the showman, at home he behaves differently than in a humorous program.

      “In life, even at two percent he display not like. He was a different person – serious, wise, well-mannered, well-read, very erudite. Of course, he’s the boss in our house. And their work, creating an image on stage, he’s doing just fine. But, of course, at home we have time for humor, jokes, jokes but it’s not below the belt, not the ones that are often heard from the ether,” said Asmus in an interview with “StarHit”.

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