Фото Андрея Малахова «для взрослых» произвело фурор TV host and chief editor of the “StarHit” fulfilled the promise given to the subscribers. Malakhov fans from across the country every day left in his microblog comments with requests to post more pictures shirtless.

      Фото Андрея Малахова «для взрослых» произвело фурор

      This morning Andrei Malakhov presented to the subscribers of his microblog a new surprise. Listening to the requests of fans to publish as many pictures shirtless, anchor and chief editor of the “StarHit” posted on his page in Instagram photo, which made the present furor. In the picture, she is seated on a white horse, the head of the permanent host “Let them talk” adorns the headdress of the type of Trilby – bold hat with slightly drooping brim, and his image in General, more resembles a cowboy. It is quick to point and attentive podpischiki Andrew.

      “Good morning! With airborne day, my dears! At your request, photos 18+,” – addressed to users of the social network Andrew.

      Within minutes the attracted several thousand likes and over two hundred reviews in which people from across the country expressed their delight. “Under such a cowboy even the horse is dancing!”, “Oh My God! Now I will not be able to perceive you in a suit! Gorgeous man, Absolutely another, we have not previously known”, – commented the subscribers Malakhov.

      Account stars appeared in the popular social network just recently earlier, Andrey did not seek to inform the fans about the details of their everyday life, but in the end socialite Nika Belotserkovskaya was persuaded to sign up – and not lost. Now about two hundred thousand users “Instagram” grateful for the tenacity and skill to negotiate. Pictures of Andrey Malakhov instantly fly on other social networks and pages of various publications and netizens are happy to discuss them, savoring every detail you can see. In a word, stellar colleagues of the presenter, it seems, will have to make room among those whose accounts are popular because they have a serious competitor.

      Account Andrey Malakhov in Instagram gained immense popularity

      Earlier, his impressions of the travels and meetings with famous people she has shared on Twitter that the magazine “StarHit” and on TV programs. Now, to the General joy, for this new platform. By the way, fans of the TV reporter immediately alerted him to the fact that in Instagram, he might have to deal with rudeness or harsh criticism of detractors.

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