Photo Buzovoy in a swimsuit sparked emotions in Tarasova

Фото Бузовой в купальнике вызвало эмоции у Тарасова The presenter spent a few days in Sochi on the set of the video for the new song “People did not believe.” Yesterday evening, Olga went to bask in the local leisure complex. While relaxing by the fireplace the star took a picture in a bikini. As noted by the fans Buzova, one of positive comments under this frame belonged to her ex-spouse.

      Фото Бузовой в купальнике вызвало эмоции у Тарасова

      TV presenter Olga Buzova has devoted several days shooting the video for the new song “People did not believe.” Below the video is stylish and spectacular, the star was chosen as the location of the city of Sochi. However, the team were lucky with the weather in this region. The first day had began to rain hard, the wind was strong.

      “It was very cold, cloudy, raining, but the picture is just incredible,” shared Olga subscribers, put up a video from backstage.

      In the video, the celebrity dressed in a white dress, and her back attached angel wings. A real challenge for the performer began shooting in cold water one of the ponds. In the Internet appeared the video, which can be seen as the star held back tears after working on this scene. Representative Olga Bogoslavskaya Anton tried to calm her down and warm. Despite the difficulties, Buzova tries not to give up because they believe it will be very stylish clip.

      “I do what I like. I am surrounded by fantastic people, and you at me such good,” admitted the artist in the social network.

      After two intense days, the singer hits “the sound of kisses” and “get Used” went to the bath, where finally managed to warm up. Buzova shared in the sexy black swimsuit interesting models that emphasized her slender figure.

      “I’m so cold these past two days that the bathhouse was just necessary. Good thing I took pictures before I started treatment. I warm up, bought in a tub, fed me, massaged, and now sit by the fireplace, drinking tea with honey, looking at the fire and kicks,” he told the star.

      Frame Buzova bikini, sparked discussions among her followers. The most attentive users noted that one of the people who commented on the leading, has become her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov.

      “You look very handsome,” wrote a user with the nickname as a famous footballer.

      Fans of Olga began to discuss whether these words belong Tarasov, or is it just good photoshop. As a rule, the authenticity of the account in social networks indicates a special check mark, which is about the name of the author of the comment was not. “Double” Dmitry Tarasov six months, deceived the public

      “I believe my eyes?”, “This is turn”, “Fake of course. He could not write”, “Maybe he misses you? Still five years. Got used to it,” wrote the users in the community, dedicated Buzova.

      During his stay in Sochi Olga was waiting for another surprise. The hotel staff brought into the room of celebrity juice and fruit, and a bucket of champagne. Buzova noted that the alcohol she is not useful, but the rest of the artist was very happy. On Sunday, the star flew out of Sochi, because she was waiting for the shooting in Moscow.

      “Want to come here just to relax,” wrote Buzova before heading to the airport.