PHOTO: Anfisa Chekhova separated ex-husband’s son

ФОТО: Анфиса Чехова разлучила бывшего мужа с сыном
Guram bablishvili said goodbye to the baby at the airport.

ФОТО: Анфиса Чехова разлучила бывшего мужа с сыном

Guram bablishvili son Solikom

Photo: facebook

Chekhov along with 5-year-old son Solomon, Packed my bags, flew from Moscow. In
Sheremetyevo ex-wife and beloved son accompanied Guram bablishvili. TV presenter
with Solikom flew into the southern capital.

flew my Hoohoonick with her mother Anfisa Chekhova, — says the actor. — Not so
far but for a long time, for months. I miss you already, chemo Gabriela qartvelo! You’re my
joy and life. As
our life is any good, dad will always be with you! You’re my
saaaaay Ahramenya Spinosaurus!”

no matter what, Anfisa said that they parted Guram friends. When she
have to leave Moscow for work, Guram all this time staying in her apartment
with their son Solomon. But the departure of Anfisa absolutely does not fit in
this concept of universal friendship.

said that going for a few months to go to work in Sochi. Son
Solika she’s taking, and it means that Bablishvili will see the son of
less frequently than now.

now with the help of friends and your own fans are trying to find in Sochi
the most necessary for comfortable life: the best kindergarten, proven
pediatrician, a good beauty salon, car rental with driver for trips on
the city and so on.

Son Anfisa and Guram — Solomon

Photo: facebook