Phone Hitler will go under the hammer

Телефон Гитлера уйдет с молотка

While some dream of jewelry set, Princess Diana, who had recently been auctioned, others are not averse to become owners of things, which played a role in creating our history.

Auction house Alexander Historical Auctions auctioned the personal phone of Adolf Hitler — red Siemens, which was presented to him by the Wehrmacht.

Телефон Гитлера уйдет с молотка

To draw attention to this item, the auction house managed proper advertising. The caption on the phone reads that it is “perhaps the most devastating “weapon” of all time, who murdered millions of people around the world.” Still… it is hard to imagine how many calls to the order to bomb, to shoot, to infiltrate Hitler was done with that machine.

The organizers of the auction hope to gain for your phone for at least 200 thousand dollars.

Note that all this time (70 years), the device was kept in the family of a British officer, whose name was not specified. Found Siemens commander of Soviet soldiers in 1945 in Hitler’s bunker.