Phillip Kirkorov: “I don’t want the media to their children”

Филипп Киркоров: «Я не желаю медийности своим детям» The king of Russian show business explained why he took the heirs to the Northern capital. Last night Philip Kirkorov presented his show “I” on the stage of St. Petersburg BKZ “October”.

      Филипп Киркоров: «Я не желаю медийности своим детям»

      The king of Russian show business, who these days presents his new show “I” on the stage of the St. Petersburg Oktyabrskiy big concert hall, talked about the upcoming tour, and also explained why not take favorite the heirs to St Petersburg.

      According to Philip, he doesn’t want at such a young age Alla-Victoria and Martin became media, while gradually teaches them to secular life.

      “My kids saw the farewell performance of “the Other” in Sochi, visited the premiere of the “I” in Moscow in March. Yes, we wanted to take them to St. Petersburg, but I think it’s too much of a social life around them, – said Philipp Kirkorov. – Although they love to go to concerts, but from childhood to accustom them to life as an artist I would not like.

      According to star dads, he wanted Martin and Alla-Victoria find something to their liking, but if they decide to become artists, it will certainly support them.

      “If they are coming, then I wouldn’t mind, but push them at such a young age I don’t want, so they stayed at home,’ explained king of pop. – But my family is all here today: aunt, dad, uncle, my friends from Moscow, St. Petersburg comrades, including Oleg Gusev, Andrey Reznikov”.

      Филипп Киркоров: «Я не желаю медийности своим детям»

      In St. Petersburg Philip managed to visit the Hermitage, have you seen the paintings of Matisse in the Main Headquarters and went to a sensational exhibition of Frida Kahlo at the Museum of Faberge. The singer company amounted Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and Director of Evangelinos Phokas, with whom they are working on a number of Sergey Lazarev for Eurovision.

      “My tour is scheduled for 3.5 years. But in may I will have two weeks devoted to the Eurovision song contest. Today, walking in St. Petersburg we were discussing with my friends the details of staging and finalizing the last detail. Sergey Lazarev I congratulated sdnum birth, but, unfortunately, not be able to attend his party, which he organizes on 3 April – I have this day concert”.

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