Phillip Kirkorov has declared, that never heard about the composer, accusing him of plagiarism

Филипп Киркоров заявил, что никогда не слышал о композиторе, обвинившим его в плагиате

In the works of Philip Kirkorov is sometimes found songs that were remarkably similar to the hits of foreign performers.

Philip Bedrosovich not hesitate to say that if he likes how the song sounds in the original language, why he can’t write in Russian and thus to please listeners with new hits.

Recently, the French composer Didier Moruani made the statement that the book is not the author one of his most famous compositions. We are talking about the single tough love”.

Author netlenki by law is the Russian composer Oleg Popkov. However, Maruani a different opinion: the leader of the group Space considers the work is complete plagiarism of the song Symphonic group Space.

Disassembly for this reason Moruani decided to move into the courtroom and submitted to the Russian artist the case.

But Kirkorov considers all accusations to be unfounded. The representative of Philip Bedrosovich says that the singer had purchased the song “tough love,” the author Oleg Popkov, which is the story of the birth of a hit.

By the way, according to Kirkorov, for his account of the French composer decided to just appear. But will he succeed? Will he be able to prove the alleged authorship of his songs in court?