Филипп Киркоров тоскует по Алле Пугачевой The king of Russian pop came to visit baste and answered some popular questions Internet users. It emerged that many remain interested in the reasons for the divorce of Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva.
Филипп Киркоров тоскует по Алле Пугачевой

Philip has been a guest on the show Basta “Gazlive”. Almost 50 minute release with the participation of the king of pop was uploaded on YouTube. “The audience has sent an insane amount of questions. We decided to start with the fact that you are really interested in the millions” – asked the rapper to star. After that, Basta announced a few popular keywords with the name Kirkorov.

As it turned out, many still worried about why Philip Bedrosovich divorced with Alla Pugacheva. The stars broke up in 2005 after marriage in the order of eleven years.

“Oh, question not to me but to the girl. Because usually the initiative comes from the ladies. Yeah, had my heart broken… She’s a girl crafty, creative, fiery red. Well. Someone got divorced, and someone on the contrary. And well there lives. Beautiful children and family. You can divorce the man and keep human, friendly relations, – has explained to the contractor. – It is possible to leave in a civilized manner. Necessarily, something, to beat each other’s face, not to talk, to take things, the courts loud… Well, first, this is not my Forte, and I have too much respect for this woman”, – explained the artist.
Филипп Киркоров тоскует по Алле Пугачевой

Philip said that Alla Pugacheva much for him. The singer’s ex-wife grateful for a significant contribution to its development.

“So nothing but good, I do not. Let’s just say I probably didn’t cope with their responsibilities. Two artists in one family, and even singing is too much. Someone had to give, and I was young this did not do, which I now repent, – said the artist. – I’m not enough close to be the smartest woman like her. Call is not to live.”
Филипп Киркоров тоскует по Алле Пугачевой

We are talking about grandma Olga Buzova Alla Petrova. During one of concerts the king of pop began to dance with a relative of a movie star, and then kissed her. Some social media users were concerned about why the man had an elderly woman such a sign of attention.

Philip made grandma Olga Buzova dancing

“Why not kiss? (…) Apple fall far from the tree. Grandma was so pumped for my concert at my new hit single “the Color blue mood”, – says the artist. – Grandma Olga – a gift in itself. She was sitting in the front row and was so responsive, so everything is perceived. When at the end sounded “mood Color blue,” it’s like she just started to ask on the scene (by the way, grandma Olga was a trend in a beautiful purple suit). So I took her by the hand and brought. And what is there then away we go!”

Basta also asked Kirkorov some questions from subscribers. Among other things, Philip Bedrosovich told about their main shortcomings. “In General, always had a temper. Like a spark, and I immediately lit up. But after having children I reformatted himself into a new state. I just don’t have the right. (…) So somewhere in 2011 I put out myself… maybe age has passed”, – shared the singer.