Филипп Киркоров выиграл суд по делу о плагиате The singer did not leave opponents no chance. According to his lawyer, Alexander Dobrovinsky, the court rejected the plaintiff’s claim. Now Philip could easily sing the song “Silk thread” at their concerts.
Филипп Киркоров выиграл суд по делу о плагиате

Some time ago a Frenchman Gilbert, Sinoue said that Philip had borrowed from him a song Dalida Helwa ya Baladi. In the opinion of men, the Russian artist has copied its arrangement and has released a hit called “Silk thread”. Gilbert demanded from the singer’s 15 million rubles. Besides, he wanted Kirkorov was forbidden to sing this track.

Sinua interests were represented in court by Igor Trunov, previously defended Didier Marouani, who also accused the star of plagiarism. This time, the legal representative again lost the case. Alexander Dobrovinsky, a man who trusts these processes, announced about the victory in court on his personal Facebook page.

“In the end, we met with another Frenchman, who was trying to rip off money from Philip Kirkorov in court. Because to this day, was all talk and words from both “Frenchman from Bordeaux”, and their lawyers: Trunova and former Ternovoi, the current Ivar. Now all the chatter stopped! We won! The court adjourned the arrogant claims millions of rubles!” – the lawyer wrote.

Dobrovinsky thanked for the help of lawyers. Besides, he warned the other predpolagaemyh opponents Kirkorov. “The French and others wishing to cash in, you are not tired? Or is it simple masochism? Then, maybe, not in court, but somewhere else?” – said Alexander.

Dobrovinsky works not only with celebrities but also with ordinary people. He is always ready to fight for justice. “I don’t care where someone is from, I’m only interested in himself! Given the opportunity to work with people from show business. A business relationship grew into a strong friendship, as with Philip Kirkorov. But ordinary people among my clients, about 50 percent, as any star lawyer,” said the lawyer.

Kirkorov once again conquered the audience, recently releasing the track “mood Color blue.” “How I love this song! Some days I go and sing”, “Philip, the song is fire! You’re the king, because the first place is yours,” “Come in the same spirit! Write more songs in modern arrangements! So in the clubs twisted”, – shared her emotions with fans.