Philip will go back to Eurovision

Филипп Киркоров снова поедет на «Евровидение»
Russian singer made a statement.

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Philip once again will go to international contest “Eurovision” in 2018. However, not as a participant but as a producer of “DoReDoS”. Musical group that last year under the “leadership” of Philip Bedrosovich won the “New Wave” in Sochi, will be in Lisbon, his native country of Moldova.

“I am happy to work with this group from the very first moment when he presented them at the “New Wave” in Sochi, — said Kirkorov. These charismatic artists doing great on the stage and sing beautifully. This combination is very rare in our time. And I’m obliged to help them get through as once, early in my career, I was helped by Alla Pugacheva!”

Also Philip remembered how many artists have “brought” in the Russian and world stage, thanks to the contest “Eurovision”. In 2007 he produced the Sorcerer Dmitry (Belarus), in 2008 — Ani Lorak (Ukraine), and in 2016- several artists: Sergey Lazarev and sisters Tolmachev (Junior Eurovision song contest). All of them took prizes. So now, given all previous experience, Kirkorov has no doubts he will be able to bring Moldovan team to victory. By the way, the song “DoReDoS” will sing at “Eurovision”, has also written to Philip Bedrosovich.

Gradually start to become well-known competitors. From Russia, for example, are still going to submit Julia Samoylova, which last year was not allowed to Kiev. From Norway again wants to go the singer Alexander Rybak, who had once occupied on “the Eurovision” the first place.

I was very impressed with “DOREDOS” @doredos_official @sergiu_mita_doredos @eugeniuandrianov from the first moment I show them in the “NEW WAVE” @newwave_official festival in SOCHI: Charismatic performers with a great attitude on stage and with very strong voices.Something so rare in our days. When I see this kind of artists I feel I am obliged to help them exactly as Alla Pugacheva @alla_orfey helped me when I started my career. I have done it before with Dima Koldun @koldunmedia from Belarus( in 2007), with Ani Lorak @anilorak happy from Ukraine( in 2008) , with Sergey Lazarev @lazarevsergey(in 2016) and Tolmachev Sisters @anastasiyatolmacheva16 @mashatolmacheva16 (in 2014)from Russia and now I am happy that I am able to support “DOREDOS” by writing together with John Ballard(lyricsist) the song “MY LUCKY DAY” with which we will try to represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest @eurovision . I hope you will all enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed it when we recorded it and that we will have the opportunity in May to present the show we have in our minds. You can find a link to the lyric video of the song on my profile page. #Eurovision #Doredos #MyLuckyDay

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