Philip told how he survived his mother’s death

Филипп Киркоров рассказал, как пережил смерть матери On the eve of the anniversary of the famous singer was a guest of the TV show of Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. It so happened that the mother of Philip Kirkorov died on the day of his birth, so the artist calls an important date “sad holiday.
Филипп Киркоров рассказал, как пережил смерть матери

29 April Philip was again the guest of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. April 30, the actress is 50 years old. The editors of the TV show, congratulated the king of pop with an important date and gave him a few surprises. Live transmission began with a performance Kirkorov song “my mother quietly said.” Widely known and loved by the people the song has caused a storm of emotions among the guests in the Studio.

Presenter Andrey Malakhov noted that the mother of the singer died in his birthday. The tragic event occurred in 1994. Philip said that music helped him cope with the departure of a loved one.

“It is a sad occasion. It happened. Every birthday I sing… When mom was dying, she knew that dying in this day and asked me to give her a promise. “This day is always sing. Do what you been doing all your life. But don’t think that I will not” she said… Now I know why it took me this word. She always loved it when everyone is happy and playing songs. I realized that in the name of her memory I shall always sing. I do it with pleasure, because the light sadness allows me to smooth the pain that still is not getting smaller. When the parents are not, we’re still sorely lacking, whether in joy or in sorrow. So I sing”, — told the artist.

Alla Verber, who was present in the Studio, unable to hold back emotions and tears. “I’m crying because I know Philip for 30 years. I remember him as a young boy. On the one hand, it’s terrible that my mother died on this day, but on the other hand, it all comes from God, from above. On this day she was with him… And it’s not easy. I love you,” with these words, the woman turned to the actor, adding that real life begins after 50 years.

In the program there was information that Philip was not at the funeral of his mother, but often visits her grave in Sofia and showering her with flowers. “Mom knew that we with Alla fly to Israel, there was a planned large concerts. We were ready to cancel them, but mom said, “I know the public for you all. You have no right to disappoint them and cheat. No matter what happens, promise me to always go to the audience. Don’t cancel a single show, whatever happens in your life. And even if something happens today, promise me that you’ll go to the Holy land,” explained the singer. The actor also told us that the tour helped him to survive the pain of loss.