Филипп Киркоров закатил сыну звездную вечеринку 29 Jun Martin Kirkorov celebrates his birthday. Heir to the stars was five years old. The famous guests arrived to the feast of the boy, where have fun a great company.
Филипп Киркоров закатил сыну звездную вечеринку

Today, June 29, son of Philip Kirkorov Martin morning accepting congratulations and gifts. Boy celebrates its first anniversary – five years. In honor of the happy event, the singer threw a party in a circle of eminent colleagues. In the country residence came a lot of stars, some of which took her and the children.

The territory is decorated with colorful balloons, banners and garlands with the words “happy birthday”. For the occasion, the Philip chose a bright suit jacket and espadrilles in the same tone. The birthday boy was wearing a Superman t-shirt, stylish black pants and white sneakers. However, towards the beginning of the program the honoree was dressed in a light blue suit.

Филипп Киркоров закатил сыну звездную вечеринку

Friends Kirkorov pleased to publish spectacular footage from the festival in microblogs. They share with the subscribers the details of the party and leave the picture warm words and wishes to the Martin. Among the guests were Yana Rudkovskaya with the Dwarf Gnomecal, Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak, Marina and Galina Yudashkin with the heir and her husband Peter Maklakovym, Ekaterina Volkova with her daughter and husband, Andrey Malakhov, Anastasia Stotskaya with his son, Jasmine.

At the entrance of the small guests were entertained by puppets and a huge talking robot. And later the performance began, where he made many artists, dressed in children’s favorite characters. For the heirs of celebrities have been prepared for dozens of games. Children were jumping, hiding from villains, drew a rope. Colorful photos show how happy the kids and their parents to be on a luxury holiday.

Филипп Киркоров закатил сыну звездную вечеринку

It is worth noting that close to Philip very responsibly approached the selection of gifts. They brought with them a beautifully packaged box, toys, educational books and more. Leading the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov could not decide on a surprise for the little Martin. The man even asked advice from followers on Instagram, showing them several options from the store.

At the end of the festive evening the animators made a huge colorful cake with five candles. In the hands of the staff of a local restaurant was keeping the fireworks in honor of the anniversary of Martin Kirkorov. The father of the birthday boy smiled, applauded and congratulated my son. According to tradition, the boy closed his eyes and made a wish under the cheers of the guests.