Philip spoke of the envy of Valery Leontiev

Филипп Киркоров заговорил о зависти к Валерию Леонтьеву The king of Russian show-business did not hide the fact that he always admired the ability of Valery Yakovlevich bright and original look on stage. According to him, even during the Soviet deficit singer of the hit “Glider” could boast an unusual concert clothes.
Филипп Киркоров заговорил о зависти к Валерию Леонтьеву

Valery Leontiev is famous all over the country of vivid stage images. A man never afraid to experiment with outfits, always surprising the fans of the original bows. In the program “Tonight,” the actor said about the role of the flamboyant costumes in his work. Philip, who also loves extravagant clothes, confessed that he considered himself a follower of the flamboyant colleagues on the stage. King of the Russian pop scene at one time was the envy of enterprising friend will be able to find the fabrics and rhinestones for the realization of their ideas.

“I still have a lot to learn from Valery to joke on stage. I am his protégé in terms of outfits. I have a worthy successor to Nikolai Baskov. To outdo suits Leontiev not be anyone else. He created these images when even materials it was impossible to get. Where is he getting all those rhinestones, for me it is a mystery,” – said Kirkorov.
Филипп Киркоров заговорил о зависти к Валерию Леонтьеву

Philip Bedrosovich is no secret that I’ve always adored the work of Leontiev. Valery Yakovlevich constantly faced with the ignorance of his stage image. So, the man said that in the USSR it was forbidden to speak, considering that such outfits and songs are not acceptable to the Soviet scene. Then the artist rescued from obscurity Alla Pugacheva.

“In 1981, on creative evening of Raimonds Pauls, Valery sat in the hall as the rest of the audience. Authorities did not allow him to speak. Then Alla Borisovna after the speech said that there is such a talented artist Leontev and forced him to go on stage. So it is cunning told the entire country about the creative activities of the banned singer,” said a man in the air “Tonight.”

Leontiev admitted that he never wanted to change the image to a more discreet. With vibrant costumes he was able to stand out and Express yourself.During the program the singer performed a few hits, but also said that sometimes fans were surprised by his strange actions.

“Once, during my speech to the scene a woman came up and hit me with a loaf of stale bread. There was another time when a fan gave me a jar of jam with finely ground glass inside. Of course, I was in shock,” said the musician.

Now vivid stage images are an integral part of any concert of Valery Leontiev. The singer is not going to stop there, because it has lots of creative plans for the future.