Филипп Киркоров продал 100 тысяч порций мороженого

For two hours the singer has turned into kind of an ice cream.

In the Main Department store on red square, a traditional Day of ice cream. At this time, Children’s GUM festival held together with the charity Fund supporting children with special needs “I am!” actors Yegor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova.

Is Mikhail Kusnirovich (founder of Bosco di Ciliegi) came up to hand out free ice cream to the birthday of the Gum, and this year we decided to hold the event in conjunction with our Foundation, and to sell ice cream to raise money for our wards, – explained the correspondent of Woman’s Day Egor Beroev. — I myself, as a child of the Soviet period, gum ice cream very much. The rim of the waffle cone with the already melted ice cream – it’s the taste of childhood.

Starting from 12 o’clock to the center of the store near the fountain at a symbolic price of 20 rubles per serving, a favorite summer treat sold the stars of domestic show-business.

One of the first behind the counter stood the musician Andrei Makarevich and TV presenter Valdis Pelsh. Then came Dmitry Kharatyan, Dmitry Pevtsov and Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Isakov and son Andrew. The singer was immediately surrounded by fans of all ages.

— Today I’m not here to buy ice cream, and to sell them to help special amazing children, ” said Pauline correspondent to Woman’s Day. Do I have a story related to ice cream? I remember as a child came from the school of music at its best and most beautiful dress, ate ice cream and dripped chocolate on the belt… Granny I almost quartered, very cursed. Previously, no such stain removers, how you sell today. Since then never eat ice cream on the go.

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And cost among the crowd to receive the Philip Kirkorov, as from the entrance to the store was a huge line of people waiting to buy ice cream from the hands of the king of pop. Many wondered: “Is this really a man? Can’t be, that’s for sure its a double!”

But when I heard a familiar voice, skeptics remained. Even tourists from China, seeing the celebrity, began in broken Russian to chant: “Flip! Flip!”

And the singer, meanwhile, wore a branded apron, hat, gloves and stood behind the counter.

The happiest were those who on this day took stick for selfi. People stood in line for a picture with Kirkorov! The most resourceful got somewhere notepads and buying the coveted cups, I asked Philip to write a few words on the memory.

“Give me your Notepad, don’t tell anyone, I just in the workplace, joked Philip and signing autographs.

“Thank you, you are extraordinary. Happiness to you and your children,” answered the admirer.

“Of course, I love ice cream, my favorite flavor – strawberry, – said Kirkorov correspondent to Woman’s Day. — When Egor Beroev, Mikhail Ernestovich Kusnirovich invited me, I figured, since I’m a member of BOSCO, should take part in the action. The noble cry was given, I was in Moscow on this day was. Why not come on such a beautiful event? It’s a noble cause, the money will go to the children’s Fund”.

With Philip behind the counter worked and singer Nyusha, but still the king of pop was the most persistent salesman – worked for more than a half hour and just set a record – sold ice cream to the thousands of citizens!

Later Kirkorov went to Olympic champion Alexei Nemov and singer Anna Sedokova. The artist deftly managed the place and took some pictures with numerous fans. Around Anna immediately gathered men. How to seize the opportunity and make a frame memory having such a beautiful and famous beauty?

— Longtime friend of Fund “I am!”, I and its philanthropic platform “Apology”. Such events help and make happy people who participate in them. Let’s see how everyone around smile, – said the singer to the correspondent to Woman’s Day. — I love ice cream and my daughters always buy. Now I stand here and want to eat everything, but alas, I have a sore throat! Probably, if I hadn’t become a singer, it would work the seller of ice cream.

The stars only managed to sell 100 thousand servings of ice cream, which was prepared specially for the occasion.

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